What is the Alkanolamine Borates Consortium (ABC)?

The Alkanolamine Borates Consortium was established in 2009 initially as a SIEF, but later evolving into a consortium to bring together a number of organisations with an interest in substances based on ethanolamine borate chemistry (see substance lists). At first, the consortium was concerned only with MEA Polyborate and closely related substances, and was known as the MEA Polyborates Consortium. However, the activities of the consortium subsequently expanded to include other alkanolamine borates. These substances are used primarily in two applications:

  • In metalworking fluids (MWFs)
  • As a micronutrient to provide trace amounts of bioassimilable boron in fertilisers, an essential plant micronutrient.

The members come from a range of companies either manufacturing and/or importing these substances in/into the European Union. A link to the full list of current members is found on the downloads page. We welcome applications from any other interested parties. Membership of the consortium is open to any company with interests in the manufacture/import of substances based on alkanolamine borate chemistry.

The Alkanolamine Borates Consortium member companies have successfully completed the registration of substances in the monoalkanolamine polyborates group and dialkanolamine polyborates group (see consortium activities page for more information)

ECHA has now published the long-awaited Public Classification and Labelling (C&L) Inventory. For information on the consortium’s views of this and how it impacts classification and labelling of alkanolamine borates, please go to the classification and labelling page.


Consortium management

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